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  • Cleaner Air - Better Life

    "Cleaner Air - Better Life" is a joint initiative of Confederation of Indian Industry and NITI Aayog, and supported by Cummins Limited, to bring different stakeholders on a common platform to tackle air pollution challenge in India's National Capital Region or NCR.


    The initiative is on a mission to improve air quality in the National Capital Region.


    • Develop an integrated approach that brings together policymakers, industry, academia, community, and civil society
    • Build consensus and get buy-in from stakeholders on actions for improving air quality in NCR
    • Catalyse voluntary commitments from stakeholders towards reducing air pollution
    • Influence adherence to existing policies and advocate new policies

    Focus areas

    The initiative will focus on three main areas that are also major sources of air pollution in NCR. These are transportation, industries, and domestic sources. Brochure for the initiative details the focus areas.


    A governing council with the support of expert groups will help prioritise activities and develop strategies for near-terms actions and long-term planning. CII-ITC Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Development will be the Secretariat for the initiative. It will organise and conduct activities of and assist interactions between governing council and various expert groups.

    Cleaner Air Initiative

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