A Circular Plastics Economy Strategy for India

A Circular Plastics Economy Strategy for India

27 October 2020
1330 to 1430 hours (UTC + 3); 1600 to 1700 hours (IST)
Venue: Virtual

In the event a new report launched by the Confederation of Indian Industry on the strategy for managing plastics in India based on circular economy principles will be the subject of discussion.

The panellists will include representatives from industry, academia, research organizations and civil society.

Target Audience
The event will be of interest to industry, academia, non-profit organizations, research institutions, policy-makers, charities/philanthropies, bilateral and multilateral organizations, waste management professionals working with/in India

To Register
Please follow this link to register for the event. For queries, email shourjomay.c@cii.in


1600 to 1610 hours: Introduction by Seema Arora, Deputy Director General, Confederation of Indian Industry

1610 to 1630 hours: The Circular Plastics Economy Strategy for India by Dr Nandini Kumar, Consultant, Confederation of Indian Industry

1630 to 1700 hours: Panel discussion, moderated by CII (i) Industry representative (TBC) (ii) Industry representative (TBC) (iii) International body representative (TBC) (iv) Civil society representative (TBC)

1700 to 1720 hours Questions and answers, moderated by CII

1720 to 1730 hours Closing remarks

October 27, 2020
Shourjomay Chattopadhyay