Gap Analysis: Are you ready for Integrated Reporting?

We are pleased to inform you regarding our upcoming workshop – “Gap Analysis : Are you ready for Integrated Reporting? “ for Corporates only. 

Date: 26th & 27th Aug, 2020 (Wed & Thu)  

Time: 11:00 am – 1:00 pm (both days) 

Investors increasingly rely on non-financial information to take well-informed investment decisions. It’s time that business information and reporting frameworks must respond to economic uncertainties, technological advancements, resource scarcities and changing stakeholders’ expectations post Covid-19. In the journey towards integrated thinking, organizations must introspect where they stand, what data do they own and how closer they are towards preparing a clear and concise Integrated Report. 

This workshop will deep dive into current Annual Report of companies and find the information gaps that lie underneath to strategize the approach for smooth transitioning towards an “Integrated Report”. Companies already having an Integrated Report can use this platform to analyse and improve their subsequent reports. 

At the end of this online workshop, participants will:  

  • Identify the gaps in their Annual Reports. 
  • Develop an objective way of measuring their progress towards Integrated reporting.  
  • Develop their roadmap and template for action plan for FY2021 in sight. 
  • Companies already having an integrated report can improve their subsequent reports. 
  • Understand good practices from around the world. 
  • Certificate of Participation by CII. 

The training programme shall cover the following topics: 

Landscape of Corporate reporting and non-financial disclosures SEBI circular on IR and the emerging domestic and global reporting environment 
Overview of the <IR> Framework  Six Capitals – Deriving data from Annual & Sustainability Reports 
Organizational Overview & External Environment Risks & Opportunities  
Strategic Focus & Future Orientation Materiality Assessment  
Business Model Governance 
Illustrations of best practices in Integrated Reporting Roadmap and action plan for FY2021 in sight. 
Methodology Preparation 
The training programme is designed only for practitioners so that they can openly voice and discuss their issues, focus on their reporting process, and get maximum value from the two days.  All participants must keep their latest Annual Reports, Integrated Reports and Sustainability Reports handy during the workshop. 

The relevant functions/audience to participate in the workshop are: 

  • Business Functions: Finance, HR, Investor Relations, Sales, Marketing, Corporate Communications, Sustainability, CSR, R&D, M&A, IT etc. 
  • Personnel:  
    • Chief Financial Officer, Company Director, Company Secretary, Chief Strategy Officers, Chief Sustainability Officers, Head of Investor Relations, Human Resource Directors, Chief Sales and Marketing, Research & Development Heads, EHS Directors, M&A Teams, Heads of Corporate Communications, and CEO’s and CFO’s office, etc.  
    • Sustainability Managers, Finance Managers, EHS Managers, HR Managers, Corporate Communications Managers and all company executives who contribute in preparing sustainability/annual/integrated reports.  

Registration Fee  
Single participant 4,499/-* 
Two or more participants 3,999/-* per participant 

*applicable taxes extra

August 26, 2020
Priyanka Mathur