India CEO Forum for Clean Air

In July 2019, 19 CEOs of India Inc. came forward as founding members of India CEO Forum to provide corporate leadership to drive cross-sectoral action on air pollution. During the consecutive meetings held through October and December 2019, an eight-point declaration was charted, to provide impetus to corporate action on air pollution, signed by 13 CEOs. More signatories are expected to sign as the ‘Cleaner Air - Better Life’ movement gains momentum.

The action agenda was drafted and is being implemented for cleaner air. Aspiration of the forum is to achieve tangible improvements in ambient air quality by committing action on air pollution.

Three workgroups have been designed under the CEO Forum:

  1. ‘Sustainable Transportation’ for developing industry roadmap.
  2. Panel on ‘Best practices’ 
  3. Panel on ‘Technology Assessment’ 
First Meeting of India CEO Forum on Air Pollution: 22 July 2019


The cross-sectoral forum will be integrating the learning from industry initiatives in specific geographies and/or sectors at the national level; promoting peer-learning, cross-fertilisation of ideas, and pooling Industry/CSR funds for demonstration and replication of successful technologies & delivery models.

Second Meeting on India CEO Forum on Clean Air held on 4 October 2019
July 22, 2020

“Polluted air does not discriminate; it impacts everyone equally. We have talked enough; now it's time for action! ‘India CEO Forum for Clean Air’ is a dedicated and active platform for business leaders to collaboratively design and implement strategies to reduce air pollution. Action-orientated efforts are needed from industry, government and society to make a significant dent on air quality scenario in the country and ensure a better quality of life for everyone”.

Nitin Prasad
Chairman - CII National Initiative: 'Cleaner Air - Better Life'
Chairman - Shell Group of Companies in India