Online Workshop on Integrated Reporting for Corporates only 6th & 7th May 2020

We are pleased to inform you regarding our upcoming online Workshop on ‘Integrated Reporting’ for Corporates only.

Date : 6th & 7th May, 2020 (Wed & Thus)

Time : 11:00 am – 1:00 pm (both days)

Integrated Reporting <IR> has gained considerable prominence since the inception of the framework in 2010 as today investors are seeking both financial as well as non-financial information to take a well-informed investment decision.

At CII-CESD, our mandate has always been to facilitate organizations to be future-proof by high level standards of transparency of financial and non-financial information through annual corporate reporting. With this focused objective to scale up adoption of improved corporate reporting in India, we envisage better reporting ecosystem with evolved dialogues and holistic integration of different reporting requirements. 

Integrated reporting is the evolution in corporate reporting. Attempting to connect financial, extra-financial and sustainability matters of business, integrated reporting seeks to present a coherent story of its value creation strategy in short to long term. Primarily targeted at providers of finance, integrated reporting is rapidly becoming an important management tool as much as it is a reporting framework.
SEBI’s voluntary requirement for integrated reporting applicable to top 500 companies in India, has been another notable feature of the CII’s work on the subject matter. The soft law has propelled many companies to begin preparing integrated reports and by next year the number of integrated reports is likely to substantially increase.

For capacity building on Integrated Reporting, your company is encouraged to nominate mid-to-senior-level cross functional teams (only). We request you to nominate participants from your organization at the earliest, as we are filling fast.

The relevant functions/audience to participate in the workshop are:
  • Business Functions: Finance, HR, Investor Relations, Sales, Marketing, Corporate Communications, Sustainability, CSR, R&D, M&A, IT etc.
  • Personnel:
    • Chief Financial Officer, Company Director, Company Secretary, Chief Strategy Officers, Chief Sustainability Officers, Head of Investor Relations, Human Resource Directors, Chief Sales and Marketing, Research & Development Heads, EHS Directors, M&A Teams, Heads of Corporate Communications, and CEO’s and CFO’s office, etc.
    • Sustainability Managers, Finance Managers, EHS Managers, HR Managers, Corporate Communications Managers and all company executives who are engaged in preparing sustainability/annual/integrated reports.
Benefits for the participants and companies :

At the end of this online workshop, participants will have:

  • Made a beginning with integrated reporting.
  • Developed their roadmap and template for action plan for FY2020 & FY2021 in sight.
  • Cross Functional understanding of Integrated Reporting.
  • Conducted preliminary analysis of their business’ value creation strategy including the six capitals.
  • Companies already having FY2019 integrated report can improve their subsequent FY2020 report.
  • Certificate of Participation on IR workshop by CII.
The workshop shall cover the following topics:
  • Landscape of Corporate reporting and non-financial disclosures
  • SEBI circular on IR and the emerging domestic and global reporting environment
  • The notion of value creation and Overview of the <IR> Framework
  • Six capitals & their Inter-linkages, KPIs for the six capitals
  • Content elements, Guidelines, Business Model & Materiality
  • Roadmap for IR with FY2020 & FY2021 in sight
  • Comparison between IR, SDGs, GRI, BRR, TCFD requirements
  • Illustrations of good IRs

The workshop is designed only for practitioners so that they can openly voice and discuss their issues, focus on their reporting process, and get maximum value from the two days.


All participants must keep their latest annual reports, sustainability reports and / or business responsibility reports handy during the workshop.

Registration Fee:

Per participant : ₹ 4.499/-*

*applicable taxes extra

May 6, 2020
Priyanka Mathur