18th CII-ITC
Excellence in Sustainable
The prestigious CII-ITC Sustainability Awards has stepped into the 18th year of its glorious presence. This is a significant leap for the Awards as it has undergone several facets of change since its inception. Not only in terms of the progression and exploring possibilities through innovation and technology but also through experiences which have helped it to mature and explore new horizons and beyond.

This year, we are celebrating the 18th milestone of this memorable journey of Awards and its uniqueness that has inspired thousands of companies to come forward, learn and contribute to sustainability, adding newer paradigms to the definition of excellence in the sustainable business.
The most credible
sustainability Award
in the country
More than 17 years of
recognising sustainable
Uniquely based
Excellence Framework
Layered with around
250 questions covering
governance, ecology,
and social dimensions
of doing business.
1131 business applied
in past 17 years
375 business
recognised so far
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A Large, Medium, Small,
Micro-sized Enterprise
or Independent
Operating in India, for
At Least Five Years
From Manufacturing
or Service Sector
29 APRIL 2023
Last date to
recieve AoI
9 JUNE 2023
Last date to
submit Awards
JAN 2024
and presentation
of Awards