Integrating Sustainability in Value Chains of Companies

Manage ESG Risks in Value Chains

Integration of sustainability across value chains to build resilience is need of the hour. Value chains which also include SMEs have massive environmental and social footprint. This includes emissions, unsafe working conditions, issues around wages, inequality, waste handling etc. These issues pose ESG risks to sourcing companies. Eco Edge, an initiative of CII-ITC Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Development intends to help companies manage these risks in an integrated manner by working with their value chains.

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Eco Edge assesses the performance of sourcing companies and their value chain partners in key focus areas of sustainability. It provides a platform for companies to improve their environmental and social performance thus building resilience. For the sign up, companies bring with them selected value chain partners(upstream and downstream) and demonstrate their commitment towards sustainability/ESG criteria, get assessed and certified.

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The report will highlight key potential areas for improvement.

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