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Air pollution

Science-based Action towards Air-shed Management

The Centre promotes the scientific
understanding of sources of air pollution and
implementation of action by constituting
multi-stakeholder forums to improve air quality
in the common airshed. Four source-specific
task forces were set up in Delhi (NCR), led by
relevant agencies, including resulting action
plans based on detailed source apportionment
by IIT Kanpur, in partnership with the NITI

While three task forces led by relevant
ministries of Government of India held
consultations through 2017 and released their
action plans in February 2018, the fourth task
a force led by India Inc. released ‘Clean Industry
Action Plan’ for Delhi NCR in November 2019.

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India CEO Forum on Clean Air

In July 2019, 19 CEOs of India Inc. came forward
as founding members of the India CEO Forum on
Clean Air to provide corporate leadership to
drive cross-sectoral action on air pollution.
During consecutive meetings held through
October and December 2019, a declaration
was charted, to provide impetus to corporate
action on air pollution, signed by 22
CEOs.More signatories are expected to come
on board as the ‘Cleaner Air – Better Life’
the movement gains momentum.

The action agenda was drafted and is being
implemented for cleaner air. Aspiration of the
forum is to achieve tangible improvements in
ambient air quality by committing action on
air pollution.
Three working groups have been designed under
the CEO Forum:

1. ‘Sustainable Transportation’ for developing
industry roadmap.

2. Panel on ‘Best practices’

3. Panel on ‘Technology Assessment’

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Air Pollution and Sustainable Agriculture

The Centre provides the knowledge
platform to varied stakeholders including
governments, farmers and rural
entrepreneurs in Punjab and Haryana
for crop residue management. Crop
residue burning, a key factor behind
peak air pollution episodes in National
Capital Region (NCR) also affects the
farming community. The decades’ old
the practice of burning, combined with
overuse of chemical inputs, severely
impacts soil health, leading to lower
productivity in the long run.

The Centre undertook detailed
assessment in 2017 led by Ministry of
Environment Forest and Climate Change
and recommended scaling up
technologies. The Centre galvanized
industry action on crop residue
management and demonstrated
solutions in a highly participatory
manner. The program is now scaled
to 102 villages across Punjab & Haryana.,
which includes both, in-situ technologies
and ex-situ solutions.

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Activities & updates

About intervention

Air pollution needs to be addressed at source and multiple solutions covering cleaner fuels and other technologies need to be demonstrated, evaluated and deployed at scale in a cost-effective manner. Right information and mass awareness are crucial to solve air pollution. The core initiative ‘Cleaner Air Better Life’ will act as a multi-stakeholder platform for enabling policy, build clean air action plans for businesses, governments and communities, undertake rapid assessment of various technologies, design proactive and collaborative industrial roadmaps, measure the impact of programmes and policies aimed at air quality improvement, build case studies, design targeted awareness and communication, compile best practices for management from various sectors etc for addressing the issue of air pollution in the coming future.

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