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  • CII-NITI Aayog Partnership on SDGs

    CII has entered into a partnership with NITI Aayog on SDGs. This initiative aims to showcase the efforts of Indian businesses to the Government and the UN, increase awareness amongst businesses, share best practices and build a tracking mechanism for further improvising industry engagement to achieve SDGs by 2030. 

    The partnership seeks to improve and consolidate business engagement on SDGs. The three concrete outcomes to achieve are: showcase Indian business action on SDGs to Indian government and the UN; improve and consolidate business engagement on SDGs and proliferate and cross-fertilise ideas and practices on SDGs between business and government.

    Following are the activities being carried out:

    • Mapping document on SDGs most material to sectors with illustrative good practices.
    • Vision and Action Agenda of businesses in India for achievement of SDGs in India.
    • Annual status reports on contribution of businesses towards achievement of SDGs in India.
    • Sector specific best practice documents based on the work of businesses.
    • High-level B2G meeting on SDGs in India, along with the UN.
    • Joint events at HLPF, in collaboration with GOI to showcase best practices. 

    Outputs are:

    • Analytical report with good practices on solutions from business for various SDGs; map specific SDGs & targets relevant to sectors in the Indian economy.
    • Guidance to businesses on their vision and roadmap to achieve SDGs.
    • Two annual reports with illustrative & representative targets & actions of businesses.
    • Two reports on good practices of business contribution to SDGs.
    • Meeting of CEOs, cabinet ministers and UN officials to discuss business-SDG mutual dependence and co-benefits.
    • Presence of Indian business leaders at HLPF, and GOI’s side event on SDGs.

    Outcomes are:

    • For government to showcase Indian business’ contribution to the world; Indian submission to the UN.
    • Design & launch collaborative projects with the government focused on specific SDGs / SDG targets in consonance with the published Vision and Action Agenda. 
    • Business showcase to Indian government & the UN on its contribution to SDGs.
    • Proliferation of good practices, co-learning among businesses.
    • Appreciation among business leaders on SDGs, resulting in business approach to action on SDGs.
    • Showcase Indian business’ contribution to SDG, solutions that can help the world.


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