The assessment is conducted over a period of six months by a pool of CII-certified Sustainability Assessors from diverse professional backgrounds that spend approximately 1,000 man-hours per application. The results of each assessment is reviewed by a preeminent Jury, comprising of former bureaucrats, representatives of government, civil society and academia at two stages before arriving at the final decision.
Assessment is based on around 250 indicators which cover 16 aspects of sustainability. The assessment has been made more comprehensive to include aspects such as Business Ethics, Employee Development, Human Rights and Biodiversity.
Methodology is adapted from the internationally acclaimed European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) approach wherein equal weight is assigned to ‘Enablers’ and ‘Results,’ indicating a cause-effect relationship.
For companies that do not qualify the preliminary stage, no feedback report is provided to the applicants.

Feedback report is provided to the applicants in two phases. For companies that do not qualify for site visit, feedback reports are provided after desk assessments are over. This will be around November 2023.

For companies that qualify for site visits, feedback reports are provided after the end of the Awards cycle. This will be around December 2023.