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Uniqueness of the Awards

Over a period of six months, applicants undergo a rigorous assessment process that is based on Business Excellence model tailored for business in India. A team of CII-certified Sustainability Assessors spend nearly 1000 man-hours per application in close consultation with representatives across the organisation. A detailed Feedback Report to every applicant is provided to help the organisations get insights to improve their sustainability performance.

Imporatant Dates

Third Party Assured

CII-ITC Sustainability Awards are the only third-party assured Awards in terms of technology, governance, methodology and process.

Carbon Neutral

The CII-ITC Sustainability Awards is carbon neutral. 2021 Awards was carbon neutral, which was offset by investing in Gold Standard carbon credit from improved cookstoves project installed in rural India.

EFQM Excellence Framework

Uniquely based on EFQM Excellence Framework, these Awards are designed for those who strive effortlessly to make sustainability their business.

Past Winners

In the past 16 years, cumulatively, 1042 businesses have applied of which 347 have been recognised.

Assessment Methodology

The Awards adhere to a transparent and rigorous assessment process based on the Sustainability Excellence Assessment Model, developed using EFQM approach wherein equal weight is assigned to Enablers and Results.

Assessment is based on around 250 indicators which cover 15 aspects of sustainability. The assessment has been made more comprehensive to include aspects such as Business Ethics, Employee Development, Human Rights and Biodiversity.

The assessment is conducted over a period of six months by a pool of CII-Certified Sustainability Assessors from diverse professional backgrounds that spend approximately 1,000 man-hours per application. The results of each assessment is reviewed by a preeminent Jury, in two stages before arriving at the final decision.

Assessment Methodology

Eligibility Criteria

Companies can apply if they are:

  • Operating in India, for At Least Five Years.
  • A Large, Medium, Small, Micro-sized Enterprise or Independent Unit/Division.
  • From Manufacturing or Service Sector.

To view sample questionnaire

Awards Questionnaire

Each applicant gets secured access to on-line Awards Questionnaire. Applications are customised depending on turnover classification of applicant and category of Award applied for. The most comprehensive application for Corporate Excellence covers over 250 indicators across 15 Aspects. Applicants for Domain Excellence categories are assessed on indicators and aspects relevant to the Domain.


Epitomes of Excellence (2006-2020)


Benefits to the Applicants

Companies should apply because :
They want to be recognised as Excellent in Sustainable Business, by the most credible Sustainability Awards in the country.
Identify strengths and opportunities to excel, based on a comprehensive and rigorous assessment by independent and CII-certified Sustainability Assessors.
Assess sustainability performance of applicants based on the EFQM Business Excellence Model.

Award Categories

Corporate Excellence

This award recognises comprehensive efforts companies make in excelling at sustainable business. It expects companies to integrate sustainability into governance, strategy, business processes, and demonstrate through results that sustainability is making an impact on its business and relevant stakeholders.

Domain Excellence

Environment Management

The award recognises companies that have employed innovative approaches, including policy and practice to reduce their environmental impact and achieve exemplary results.

Corporate Social Responsibility

This award recognises companies that have positively impacted both business and society by taking a strategic approach to CSR through collaborative programmes with government and civil society.


This award recognises companies for implementing measures related to conservation and sustainable management of biodiversity and ecosystem services in value chain.

Note: Companies from Service sector can apply for all Award categories except Biodiversity

Online CII-Certified Sustainability Assessors Programme

The CII-certified Sustainability Assessor programme is for professionals to provide services to business in the area of sustainability.

Since 2006, CESD has built a talent pool of sustainability professionals in India. It has created an exclusive club of over 572 sustainability performance assessors. These assessors are competent to drive excellence in sustainability in companies.
Interested professionals should send their CV to:
First intake: 10-13 May 2022
Second intake: 24-27 May 2022