Uniqueness of the Awards

A national programme to recognise climate action by industries using a three dimensional assessment methodology that aims to raise the bar on climate action. A team of qualified CII certified assessors will assess applications over a period of five months and provide unbiased analysis. Some of its distinguishing characteristics include:

Overseen by an independent non-industry based Jury

700 man-hours spent by certified CAP Assessors per application.

Feedback report provided at the end of the complete cycle based on the framework

Based on a CII Climate-Maturity model and using the principles of business excellence framework

Programme Key Differentiators

  • Tangible Impact through cost reduction, due to reduction of GHG emissions at operations and the supply chain
  • Practical roadmap of implementation and sector specific analysis
  • Assessment done by independent CII trained Assessors
  • A detailed feedback report which highlights their strengths and opportunities

Benefits to Companies

  • Better Investor and stakeholder relations.
  • Gain competitive advantage to adapt to climate change
  • Better prepared to mitigate future risks associated with climate change
  • Get prepared as per disclosures of global climate frameworks
  • Establish leadership position as a Climate Action Champion

Eligibility Criteria

Applications are open to industry professionals, with experience of 9 years or more in the field of climate change adaptation and mitigation projects

Educational background of environment, engineering, science or others related fields

Preference will be given to professionals with experience in energy, environment and climate change

Important Dates

Expression of Interest

26th February 2024

Stage 1 : Application

  • Receiving Expression of Interest(EOI)
  • Receiving filled online application from the applicant
  • Preliminary screening of all the applications

Stage 2: Desk assessment

  • Desk assessment by trained CII CAP 2.0° Assessors
  • Consensus on assessment results by assessment team
  • Feedback reports to applicants who could not qualify for site assessment

Stage 3: Site assessment

  • Assessment by the same team of assessors
  • Revised consensus by assessment team

Stage 4: Awards presentation

  • Announcement of winners
  • Feedback reports to applicants


Depending on maturity level, companies are recognised as


Strategy and plan aligned to mitigate climate risk, Climate change lanning is futuristic, adaptation projects aligned to build resilience, mitigation projects are planned and executed, targets to reduce emissions science based and futuristic


Organisation strategy is aligned, climate risk is part of companies ERM, competent person handling the portfolio, GHG targets are futuristic


Identifies primary risk, GHG management, target decided, participatory culture

Awards Questionnaire

Each applicant gets secured access to on-line Awards Questionnaire. An exhaustive questionnaire comprising of all relevant aspects related to climate change mitigation & adaptation divided in 4 broad sectors Infrastructure, Service, Light Manufacturing & Energy, Mining andHeavy Manufacturing

Download sector specific sample questionnaire for:

WINNERS of CAP 2.0 °


With the upcoming need of professionals with an understanding of climate action and the risks and opportunities associated with it, CII-CESD initiated this training program to build capacity in climate change and add to a pool of 60+ trained assessors for assessment of Climate Action Programme (CAP) 2.0° Awards. CII undertakes this 3-day advanced training for selected professionals with experience of 10 years or more in environment, engineering or science, on various aspects of climate action like GHG inventory, risk and opportunities, management, transparency and accountability. The training enhances capacities and capabilities of the assessors on climate action, adaptation and mitigation. The training also provides an opportunity to visit different companies and learn from their best practices. The initiative does not only aim at creating expertise in the field but also creating a vast network of climate action professionals.

Get in touch

For more information, write to us at or reach us on +91 8826150630/9013215612
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