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IBBI Working Groups

For business representatives keen to address the challenges and opportunities of promoting biodiversity within the context of business operations and strategies.

National Consultation Group on TNFD Framework

TNFD Consultation Group is an informal group of institutions within the country keen to learn together about how to identify, assess and manage nature-related risks, share insights and feedback on the TNFD framework; and encourage others in their national stakeholder community – across business, government and civil society – to engage in the mission and work of the TNFD.  TNFD has identified an initial set of six countries to develop the Consultation Groups and in India the group is hosted by Confederation of Indian Industry as a work program of India Business & Biodiversity Initiative (IBBI).


CII is establishing an “IBBI National Consultation Group on TNFD Framework” with a purpose to build awareness of the TNFD’s work and expand the number of institutions contributing feedback on the beta version of our framework, including through pilot testing. The Consultation Group will also play a valuable role in scaling market adoption of the TNFD Framework once the final framework will be released in September 2023.

IBBI Expert Group on Biodiversity Policy (EGBP)

Consistent with IBBI’s objective on policy advocacy, it is envisaged to constitute an IBBI Expert Group on Biodiversity Policy (EGBP). The EGBP shall support IBBI in its dialogue on public policy by engaging with governments and other key stakeholders.

Conducive to sustainable growth of Indian industry, the EGBP is set out to support IBBI in policy advocacy pertaining to biodiversity. The MoEFCC would be the nodal government body for policy dialogue; however other ministries might be involved as stakeholders for specific
matters. The following is an outline of key objectives of the EGBP:

  •  Prioritise policy and advocacy issues annually and develop consistent messaging in areas of
    national advocacy.
  • Advise opportunities for collaboration with IBBI’s stakeholders and organise resources as
    required for these projects.
  • Work in conjunction with CII to conduct research and develop advocacy positions for IBBI.