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Founding Members

Wetlands are amongst the most productive ecosystems on the Earth that support aquatic habitats and provide ecosystem services to the community and businesses. The India Wetland Coalition (IWC) is conceptualized to enable business partnerships for Wetlands Conservation, addressing the risk of nature loss and building resilience to climate change.

Work Areas

Developing an Ecosystem for Business Partnership for Wetland Conservation

Awareness Creation

  • Role of wetlands in climate risk mitigation
  • Biodiversity conservation
  • Stakeholder participation

Guidelines for Wetland Management

  • Developing models for partnership
  • Policy support for partnership
  • Wetland intervention projects repository

Tools for Wetlands Conservation

  • Sectoral guidance documents
  • Case studies
  • Business case for wetland conservation

Business Partnerships

  • Ecosystem-based solutions for restoration
  • Valuation of ecosystem services – Monitoring
  • Water and climate risk mitigation

Roles of Members

Support the developing and implementing of the IWC work program.

Developing the IWC communication strategy and deliverables such as guidance documents, technologies, case studies, piloting tools, policy paper development and financial support for the IWC work.

Partnering for wetland conservation with the local government and stakeholders.

Reporting on wetland conservation and their benefits to business, local community, and conservation of species & ecosystem service.

Map your project location with Ramsar Wetlands in India

Wetlands near urban centres or industrial clusters face potential threat in the form of reduction in area, water pollution, invasive species etc. Society is dependent on wetlands for services such as fresh water supply, pollution mitigation, biodiversity enhancement and climate change mitigation. Businesses operating near wetlands are also dependent on them for their fresh water supply to operate with maximum efficiency. To help in wetland restoration, the first step is to identify the operations located near significant wetlands or Ramsar Wetlands and then formulate restoration plans. Businesses can map their operations around significant wetlands or Ramsar Wetlands with the help of an easy-to-use online tool: Interactive Wetland Map of India hosted on the Wetlands of India Portal. The Portal has been developed under the Indo-German project on “Wetlands Management for Biodiversity and Climate Protection” (2018-2023).

Total Wetlands on portal
Ramsar Wetlands
Significant Wetlands
Other Wetlands

Join India Wetland Coalition

Businesses and conservation organizations can join through the following steps:

  • Businesses to join the India Business & Biodiversity Initiative by signing the IBBI declaration
  • Conservation organizations to share a brief on their work on wetlands conservation

Based on the details provided, businesses and conservation organizations will come on board the IWC.



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