To achieve the above, the India CEO Forum for Cleaner Air has devised the following seven significant tracks. These are briefly described below:

1The Clean Air Declaration

The India CEO Forum for Cleaner Air expects all forum members to sign a common declaration. The points in the declaration, provide the guiding framework for signatories to the CEO Declaration.

2Commitment & Leadership by member CEOs

The India CEO Forum for Cleaner Air expects all forum members to make commitments and lend leadership to their respective sectors. The CESD Secretariat will continuously work with the CEOs to facilitate the drafting of joint statements to be released periodically in the public domain.

Member companies will report individual actions on air pollution to the CEO Forum, which will assess these and further identify avenues for inter-company or collaborative actions.

3Case Studies & Best Practices

The India CEO Forum for Cleaner Air will seek best practice case studies from forum members as well as others from across the country.

All the case studies, whether on technology or delivery processes for clean air, will be independently verified by the CESD Secretariat for authenticity.

Successful cases will be projected at the national-level for replication.

A knowledge platform created under the 'Cleaner Air Better Life' initiative will reproduce all such case studies and best practices for everyone's benefit.

4Industry Roadmaps

Every year, the India CEO Forum for Cleaner Air will appoint workgroups of industry/domain experts and advisors for preparing roadmaps for 2-3 identified sectors or strategically important issues.

These workgroups will work independently to finalize transformative roadmaps for the identified sectors/issues within agreed timelines. The CEO Forum will monitor and expect regular updates from these workgroups.

Two workgroups, one each in Mobility & Transportation and Construction, have already been created by forum members for designing industry roadmaps from the systems/supply chain perspective.

It was agreed that most manufacturing sub-sectors such as steel, aluminum, cement, and brick; which contribute heavily to ambient air pollution, are linked to these two sectors.

Therefore, industry roadmaps for these two sectors need to be given top priority.

5Integration of Industry Efforts at National-level

One of the foremost aims of the India CEO Forum for Cleaner Air is to integrate industry efforts on air pollution at the national level.

This will be achieved by formally inviting corporate leaders who are part of, or who convene regional / city-level forums on air pollution. Doing so will enable peer-learning and ensure that a coordinated approach is followed on the issue.

The Chair and Co-chair of the Regional Committee on NCR pollution have already been invited to be a part of the forum. As more such task forces get constituted in other parts of the country, they will also be invited to the India CEO Forum for Cleaner Air to ensure integration of industry efforts at the national level.

6Policy Advocacy for Clean Air

The India CEO Forum for Cleaner Air will initiate multi-stakeholder workshops to vet findings of workgroups.

It will, in collaboration with CII, encourage dedicated policy dialogues with the government, promote regular interactions with policymakers, organize conferences and dissemination events to showcase industry-related case studies, and facilitate the roadmap for their implementation.

7Communication & Engagement

Communication and engagement have been identified as two crucial responsibilities of the India CEO Forum for Cleaner Air.

The Forum will not only take the Government of India along but also communicate with the citizens of India to inform and educate them on the health risks of air pollution. It will endeavor to create awareness on actions citizens can take to minimize this threat. The CEO Forum's guiding principle will be to communicate the actual economic costs of cleaner air and its societal benefits.

Become a signatory. Join the movement.

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