CII-Certified training on Sustainability Reporting

Sustainability reporting plays a crucial role in today's world as it provides transparency and accountability for organizations' environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance. By disclosing a company’s sustainability initiatives and journey, you can build trust your stakeholders and investors, fostering a more sustainable and responsible business culture. Ultimately, sustainability reporting helps drive positive change by encouraging the company to set goals, measure their impact, and continuously improve their sustainability practices. Considering the above benefits that an organization can leverage through sustainability reports, CII-ITC CESD conducts a 3-day CII Certified training on Sustainability Reporting.


  1. Understanding the concept of Sustainability and its pillars
  2. Need of Sustainability & its Impact
  3. Understand the global sustainability challenges & risks
  4. Understand different types of sustainability reporting
  5. Able to conduct materiality and stakeholder engagement
  6. Understand principles of reporting
  7. Able to develop sustainability report for your organization

WHO WILL BENEFIT: Sustainability Managers, EHS Professionals, CSR Managers, Finance/Risk Professionals, Company Secretary department in corporate, Supervisory/regulator bodies, Banking associations, Government agencies, Academic institutions, NGOs, Consultancies involved in sustainability issues.

May 14, 2024
Asha Joseph