2-day training on Effective and Sustainable CSR (CSR project site visit on day 2)

A 2-day CSR training on Effective and Sustainable CSR training offers interactive sessions and hands-on support on conceptualising and designing impactful & innovative CSR projects. They also have a site visit on the 2nd day of the training. The programme offers a comprehensive approach to CSR planning, encompassing strategies for monitoring and implementing CSR initiatives effectively. Participants will gain valuable insights into various social impact frameworks, providing them with the knowledge to assess and maximize their projects' societal benefits. Moreover, attendees will have access to essential project monitoring tools, facilitating the efficient management of CSR endeavors. Additionally, a unique aspect of our program includes site visits to impactful CSR project sites, allowing participants to engage directly with beneficiaries and gain firsthand understanding of the projects' positive outcomes. Professionals working in corporate/corporate foundations can attend the event.

April 18, 2024
Asha Joseph