Masterclass on Taskforce for Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) Recommendation

The relevance of climate-related risks to today’s financial decisions and the need for greater transparency have only become clearer and more urgent. With public awareness rapidly gaining momentum and governments taking swift legislative measures, businesses are trying to figure out ways to mitigate and manage climate related risks.

But, how can businesses understand climate risk and disclose information essential for investors? With complex supply chains and investment portfolios dotted across vast sections of the world, where do they even start? More than 1,000 Global Organizations have declared support for the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures and its Recommendations (Feb, 2020).

The masterclass, designed for senior professionals across all sectors, focuses on the practical steps that organizations can take to adopt TCFD recommendations. The course introduces the recommendations, presents approaches being taken by companies across multiple sectors to implement them, and identifies practical steps that can be taken.

Learning Outcomes - At the end of this workshop, participants will:

  • Understand the landscape of Climate-Related Financial Disclosures and the adoption and use of the TCFD Recommendations
  • Identify the four thematic areas of the TCFD recommendations
  • Identify approaches being adopted to implement the TCFD recommendations
  • List practical examples of how to start implementing the recommendations
  • List climate risks and opportunities relevant to their organization

Evaluate organization’s progress with the TCFD recommendations

The training programme is carefully designed to be interactive so that the participants can openly voice and discuss their issues, focus on their reporting process, and get maximum value from the two days.All participants must keep their latest Annual Reports, Integrated Reports, Sustainability Reports and / or Business Responsibility Reports handy during the workshop.

The relevant functions/audience to participate in the workshop are:

This course is for senior professionals with responsibility for risk management, investor relations, reporting and disclosure.

  • Business Functions: Finance, Investor Relations, Sales, Marketing, Corporate Communications, Sustainability, CSR, R&D, M&A etc.
  • Personnel:
    • Chief Financial Officer, Company Director, Company Secretary, Chief Strategy Officers, Chief Sustainability Officers, Head of Investor Relations, Chief Sales and Marketing, Research & Development Heads, EHS Directors, M&A Teams, Heads of Corporate Communications, and CEO’s and CFO’s office, etc.

Sustainability Managers, Finance Managers, EHS Managers, Corporate Communications Managers and all company executives who are engaged in preparation of Sustainability/Annual/Integrated Reports

January 22, 2021
Ms. Priyanka Mathur / Mr. Abhishek Pruseth