CII certified training on greenhouse gas (GHG) accounting

Climate change is the biggest challenge in front of organizations, governments, and individuals, alike. Strategies, business decisions, new market explorations - all need to factor in climate change-related vulnerabilities. Forward-looking organizations have begun voluntarily declaring their GHG emissions for reasons such as risk management, cost reduction, brand protection, and attracting socially responsible investments. During the process, these organizations have prepared themselves for the GHG legislation of tomorrow.

This course provides organizations with information to quantify and manage their GHG emissions. It details the requirement of ISO 14064 (Parts 1, 2, 3) and how these relate to existing GHG schemes and other key protocols and standards. The course has been designed to include a combination of tutored sessions, practical exercises, and discussions. The topics covered include the design and development of GHG emission inventory as per ISO 14064; quantification of GHG emissions; preparation of GHG inventory report; development of GHG reduction projects, guidance for validation, and verification of GHG assertions. Other important topics covered will include TCFD recommendations, determining internal carbon pricing, science-based targets, and PAS 2060 that explain how to achieve carbon neutrality.

The training is aimed at a varied audience including energy managers, carbon verifiers, officials working on sustainability as well as professionals aiming to manage energy consumption and track GHG emissions.

April 7, 2020
Arnab Deb