Fundamentals of Integrated Reporting – CII’s certification programme

Integrated Reporting <IR> is a new approach to annual corporate reporting that enhances the way organizations think, plan & report. Over the past few decades, investors are increasingly seeking a holistic view of the business, recognising sustainable value creation, strong corporate governance and approach to risks and opportunities to make well informed investment decisions. With this call for greater accountability & transparency in financial & non-financial disclosures, Integrated Reporting <IR> has gained considerable prominence across the globe.

The current scenario provides an ideal opportunity for organizations to improve their communication with investors, regulators, employees, and other stakeholders by integrating financial and non-financial drivers of value creation into a sustainable business model.  As the Indian economy heads for a precarious recovery, how does your organization plan to maintain investors’ confidence, secure jobs and help rebuild society?

For capacity building on Integrated Reporting, your company is encouraged to nominate mid-to-senior-level cross functional teams to the upcoming workshop.

February 11, 2021
Ms. Priyanka Mathur & Mr. Abhishek Pruseth