Online session on ESG Framework & Metrics

The recent crisis due to pandemic, climate change impacts, supply chain disruptions & unprecedented policy changes bring forth the value of embedding Environment, Social, Governance (ESG) in core business model and strategy. As much as it is relevant from business continuum perspective, it offers opportunities to reap the benefits of stronger growth prospects, enhanced operating efficiencies, stronger social licence to operate, enhanced staff retention, lower cost of capital, and, ultimately, a stronger and more sustainable competitive advantage.

ESG criteria are also being increasingly requested by conscious investors to screen potential investments and base investment decisions on how a company performs as a social and environmental steward.

Without an ESG Framework that encompasses corporate strategy, risk management, board oversight, performance and communication, companies are exposed to reputational and regulatory risk.

December 2, 2020
Ms. Shipra Jain , Ms. Mansi Goyal