CII-Certified training on ESG Framework & Metrics

The recent crisis due to pandemic, climate change impacts, supply chain disruptions & unprecedented policy changes bring forth the value of embedding Environment, Social, Governance (ESG) in core business model and strategy. As much as it is relevant from business continuum perspective, it offers opportunities to reap the benefits of stronger growth prospects, enhanced operating efficiencies, stronger social licence to operate, enhanced staff retention, lower cost of capital, attracting investors and, ultimately, a stronger and more sustainable competitive advantage. Considering the multiple benefits that ESG brings, CII-ITC CESD conducts a 2-day online training on ESG Framework and Metrices.


  1. Understanding ESG and its Pillars
  2. Understanding of Global ESG Metrices, Disclosures & Frameworks
  3. Need of ESG
  4. ESG Regulations
  5. Setting up ESG Framework for your organization
  6. Process of Materiality & Stakeholder Engagement
  7. Able to develop ESG Report
  8. Case studies

WHO WILL BENEFIT: Mid-to senior level management professionals from: Strategy, Investor Relations, M&A, Company Secretary, EHS, Finance, Sustainability, Marketing, R&D, CSR, Chartered Accountants

March 5, 2024
Asha Joseph