Two day Training on Measurable, Sustainable and Impactful CSR

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) today is being seen as more than just compliance by Indian businesses. There is a growing realization that businesses cannot thrive in isolation from the communities they operate in. The company’s success is closely linked to the well-being of its stakeholders such as the community surrounding them. Hence adopting CSR strategies helps these companies build positive relations, enhance their reputation, and foster long-term sustainability. While CSR in India has achieved noteworthy outcomes and companies have gone beyond mandated requirements, there remain challenges that need to be addressed such as developing CSR activities that align with business goals, identifying relevant stakeholders, effective utilization of CSR funds, measuring and evaluating the impact of the initiatives and promoting accountability, etc.

To mitigate these challenges CII-CESD is organizing a two-day CSR training program on Measurable, Sustainable and Impactful CSR at New Delhi on 17-18th August 2023 (9:00 am – 5:00 pm).

The first day of the training will provide the professionals with an understanding of the CSR ecosystem. They will learn about creating effective strategies for driving social change, and ways to integrate business objectives to create sustainable social and environmental impact. The second day of the training will give participants an opportunity to visit impactful CSR project sites, and exchange experiences and ideas for developing various CSR projects for their companies, by learning from their experience.


  • To develop a cohort of professionals that are equipped to formulate CSR strategies and activities
    for their organization
  • To help companies maximize the social value of investments made through CSR interventions


  • Provides a platform for CSR professionals to build a strong network for exchanging ideas on CSR
  • Opportunity to connect with professionals and develop strategies for social implementation in
    collaboration with other organizations
  • Learnings on aligning CSR with national and international priorities and governance frameworks
  • Increased proficiency in project planning and management
  • Ability to develop and learn meaningful stakeholder mapping and engagement techniques
  • Create plans to integrate business objectives for social and economic impact
  • Opportunity to visit CSR project site and interact with project stakeholders and implementing

Who can participate?

Professionals working in corporates and corporate foundations.

Participation fees

Rs. 16,000 plus applicable taxes
(10% discount available on training fee, on two or more registrations)

August 17, 2023
Asha Joseph