Clean Technology Transfer- Adopting and Innovating for Net Zero Future

Webinar on Clean Technology Transfer- Adopting and Innovating for Net Zero Future

11 August | 1500-1630 hrs

Background note

Race to Zero is a global campaign, ahead of COP26, initiated to build momentum around the shift to a decarbonized economy to achieve the commitments of the Paris Agreement. It focuses on pledges for enhanced action by non-state actors like businesses, cities, etc., to achieve net zero emission. It is closely linked to various global initiatives and coalitions focused on emission reduction through enhanced energy productivity, a shift in fuel in transportation, energy shift in industrial production, and supply chain. Clean technology is evolving every day and is a must for the success of race to zero and race to resilience. Several clean technologies are still not well tested. In such a scenario clean technology transfer poses both opportunity and challenge. Hence, the finance for clean technology becomes important.

In a series of six webinars, this fifth webinar is focused on bringing awareness to the Race to Zero campaign and sharing insights on clean technology transfer. This webinar is organized by CII in partnership with HZL.


Time Session Speaker
1500-1505 hrs Welcome  
  • CII 
1505-1515 hrs Viewpoint on Race to net zero

Points to be covered
  • An overview of the relevance of race to net zero for India and the industry sector
  • Who has committed from India?
  • CII forums/initiatives supporting race to net zero
  • Ms Shaily Maloo, Advisor, CII-ITC Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Development 
1515-1530 hrs Clean Technology Transfer Perspective
  • Overview of organizations interest in technology transfer
  • Kind of clean tech supported modes of support
  • Current success, focus, future, and challenges
  • Mr Sandeep Tandon, National Project Manager Low Carbon Technology Deployment Project, UNIDO
1530-1545 hrs Cleantech finance 
  • Why clean finance
  • Status of clean finance in India – for adoption and innovation
  • Outlook for clean finance in view of race to zero
  • Mr Arunavo Mukherjee, Vice President - Advisory Services at Tata Cleantech Capital Ltd

1545-1615 hrs Industry Speaks 

Share insight into technology transfer from industry point of view (success, challenges, advantages of replication across facilities, involving supply chain)

  • Dr. Anuradda Ganesh, Chief Technical Advisor and Director, Cummins Technologies India

  • Dr. Santanu Satapathy, Corporate HSSE – Environment Lead, CLP India Private Limited
  • Mr Sandeep Sarin, Head - Market Development, Wärtsilä India
1615-1630 hrs Q&A and Concluding
  • CII
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August 10, 2021
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