Virtual Conference on Business Action in Achieving SDGs


The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) define priorities and aspirations for 2030 to eliminate the global environmental, social and economic challenges and put the planet on a sustainable path. With the SDGs being accepted by the governments of different countries, the success of the aspirations relies on action and collaboration by different stakeholders. Industry being one of the important stakeholders, have a significant role to play in achieving the SDGs. Aligning business strategies with SDGs, enables industry to advance on sustainable development through investments, sustainable solutions, technological transformations, and responsible practices. This help businesses to reduce their negative impacts and contribute positively towards nature and society.

The private sector has begun to integrate the SDG framework and are moving ahead in developing sustainable business strategies and are implementing them. They are trying to understand and better respond to risk and opportunities across social, environmental, and economic dimensions. As the Global Goals are highly interrelated, the benefits of working in one or some of the goals will influence positively on the other goals. For instance, actions on climate change can be linked with eradicating poverty and economic growth.

This is a crucial decade as countries are gearing up recovery from COVID-19 pandemic and every business decision will determine the progress in achieving the global goals. The world’s environmental emergencies are as pressing as ever, even if they may seem distant during such human crisis. The impacts of climate change, pollution, biodiversity loss has already cause immense suffering globally and harbour further vulnerabilities for the global economy. It is with this background the conference will focus on how industries have incorporated the SDG framework in their business strategies through issues like climate change, waste management, water stewardship, and continued its commitments in achieving the global goals associated with it.

Focus areas:

  1. Business Action on achieving SDGs
    • Industry role in achieving SDGs. How companies have incorporated SDG framework in their business strategies
    • Adoption of sustainable business practices in pandemic world
    • Pursuing climate action to achieve Paris Agreement and SDGs
  2. Climate adaptation and resilience
    • How are industry integrating and implementing climate change adaptation measures?
    • Benefits of building effective adaptation solutions
    • What are the collaborations done for a climate resilient future?
  3. Towards Zero Waste
    • How are industries committing to the reduce waste generation through prevention, reduction, recycling and reuse and effort to achieve the waste related target in SDGs
    • Challenges in achieving zero waste
    • Opportunities - reducing cost, efficient practices, minimise environment impact and improve reputation
    • How are companies addressing the demand for reducing single use plastic?
  4. Water Stewardship
    • Growing populations and economies, changing lifestyles and global climate change are putting increasing pressure on water resources. How can businesses adopt the approach of water stewardship that will help to manage water related risk and mitigate impacts?
    • What are the efforts of Industry being water positive, improving their water use in their operations, replenishing water in waster stress areas, and providing clean water to communities?
    • Collective action and collaboration to help achieve SDG 6


1200-1300 hrsInaugural – Business Action in Achieving SDGs    
1300-1310 hrsBreak
1310-1410 hrsClimate Adaptation and Resilience    
1410-1415 hrsBreak
1415-1515 hrsTowards Zero Waste    
1515-1520 hrsBreak
1520-1620 hrsWater Stewardship    
1620-1700 hrsConcluding Session CIITBD  

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March 23, 2021
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