IBBI Policy

IBBI works on policy and regulatory aspects at state, national and international level related to environment, biodiversity and ecosystem services. It specifically works on Biological Diversity Act and Access Benefit Sharing Guidelines. With respect to policy it works to:

(a) build awareness and capacity among business and its stakeholders on biodiversity management;

(b) document, showcase and promote good business practices in India and globally; and

(c) Advocate public policies at national and international level.

At the international level, IBBI is part of CBD’s Global Platform for Business and Biodiversity (GPBB) and IBBI represents Indian industry at various national and international platforms and forums like WEF, UNCCD, BFN, CBD Post 2020 and various government consultations. 

Expert Group on Biodiversity Policy (EGBP)

At national level IBBI hosts an EGBP consisting of representatives from companies & sectoral initiatives, academia and government collaboratively working on policy aspects. As and when required specific working group(s) are also formed based on specific policy brining in the expert pool to address the concern under discussion.

At state level, as per the requirement, various state level or regional working group(s) are formed to address the specific policy issues at state level.

Access and Benefit Sharing (ABS) Guidelines

IBBI supports Indian Industry to address the issues with respect to implementation of ABS and facilitates dialogue exchange with relevant stakeholders and government. It has a working group consisting on experts on ABS from industry, government, academia and NGO’s constantly working to enable ABS implementation across Indian businesses.

IBBI in partnership with GIZ is working to strength effective governance for ABS. It facilitates stakeholder dialogues to understand the issues, identify the gaps for implementation and enable ABS implementation. IBBI is working at state level in the states of Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Uttarakhand.   

Strengthening Effective Governance of Access and Benefit Sharing

CII jointly with State Biodiversity Boards (SBBs) and GIZ  is organizing workshops to bring together leading actors from biodiversity boards, businesses and civil societies to develop an interactive stakeholder engagement platform, to identify challenges and scalable solutions for BD Act implementation at state level in the states of Maharashtra, Uttarakhand and Tamil Nadu.   

So far two state level workshops- in the state of Maharashtra at Pune & Nagpur and in the state of Uttarakhand at Dehradun have been conducted with participation of about 30-40 members per workshop. Two state level biodiversity working groups are: one at the state of Maharashtra – Maharashtra Biodiversity Working Group (MBWG) and one at the state of Uttarakhand- Uttarakhand Biodiversity Working Group (UKBWG).

For joining the working groups please write to us at: ibbi@cii.in

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